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Motivational quotes about fitness and dieting : 39 Inspiring Charging Quotes To Get You Motivated

For more fitness motivation: in-pursuit-of-fitnessFor healthy...

For more fitness motivation: in-pursuit-of-fitnessFor healthy.

Word!! I'm building a Mascara Empire...One Bad Ass leader at a time!

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~Glory Road, Don Haskins. Most Inspiring, in-the-moment basketball speech!

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You and your posse will decide, commit, and will succeed!

Who's ready to commit to your family's health & wellness? Don't worry you won't be alone I'll be here to help every step of the way!

Motivational Quotes For Athletes

Wow, I needed to find this, and I did!

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I love my team so so so so so Carson Carson Friga Gallahan H.

Be disciplined. ✱Truth! Includes your eating, because rare are those who love broccoli more than cookies... hahaha, sticktoitiveness!

I over motivation any day and twice on Sunday! Motivation WITHOUT education has a very short shelf life and will always ebb and flow based on uncontrollable occurrences! I want to KNOW enough to impose my discipline at all times!

Every day, are you working towards what you want?

Every day, are you working towards what you want?

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"If you want something go after it, stop procrastinating and waiting for the perfect time, its never perfect" - Brandon T Adams

How to use quotes for motivation #AdriansCrazyLif Great tips for how to create easy motivation from my Pinterest quotes.

A Clever Way to Use Quotes to Boost Your Motivation

Stubborn about goals, flexible about methods

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So true.although that really applies if I was a total dick yesterday, but what if I was totally awesome? I guess I would work to be super totally awesome.and then more super totally awesomer. I really complicated that didn't I?

Instagram da Maçã #1

Instagram da Maçã #1

True, true true!!!!!!

When a company is socially responsible, employees will love working for it, which will show to customers making the company more desirable