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…Of like mind with Galadriel was Fingon Fingolfin’s son, being moved also by Fëanor’s words, though he loved him little; and with Fingon stood as they ever did Angrod and Aegnor, sons of Finarfin. But these held their peace and spoke not against their fathers. ~The Silmarillion, Of the Flight of the Noldor. (Artwork: House of Finarfin [Finrod, Angrod, Aegnor, Galadriel] by ForeverMedhok on deviantaer)

Fingolfin was the second son of Finwë, full brother of Finarfin, and half-brother of Fëanor. His mother was Finwë's second wife Indis. Fingolfin was said to be the strongest, most steadfast, and most valiant of Finwë's sons, and some have named him the greatest warrior of all the Children of Ilúvatar. His name in Quenya was Nolofinwë, or "wise Finwë."

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Maeglin by Phobos-Art Though he was one of the mighty of Gondolin, he most desired Turgon's daughter Idril who was his first cousin. But there was no hope for him, as the "Eldar wedded not with kin so near". More over, Idril perceived an evil coming from him and for as long as Gondolin existed she avoided him. Thus the love inside Maeglin's heart turned to darkness and though he had neither her nor the kingship of Gondolin, he endured it, waiting for an opportunity to seize them both.