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not knowing...is a great thing...

not knowing what to do with your life is a great thing to do with your life .this makes me feel better.

CHRISTIAN=NO TATTOOS. Teach them TRUTH. Stop satan leading them to mis-intrepret the Holy Word. That reason is NOT any Christian justification which GOD would ordain to mark the body. It shows blind ignorance by following satan's wishes. That is NAIVE children being mis-led by satan with MARKS OF THE BEAST. ---GOD's LAW PREVAILS--LEVITICUS: 19:28 DO NOT MARK THE BODY. That law is not to be abused, ignored, or tossed away.

Inspired by Bible Scripture John not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” This design is a great reminder that we should not be judging people by whats on the outside. White & light blue Print on black tank-top.

I do things differently than most people. I kind of like to go m y own way. I sort of like it like that. Dare to be different and stick with it.

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SERENESocial X LFW: Yoga Brunch At Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch

SERENESocial X LFW: Yoga Brunch At Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch

This 80-year-old answered how one should live life with no regrets and her answer is stunning...

Think of yourself as an 80 year old when you want to make decisions// it is the little things that matter

So true ...

god is greater than the highs and lows - I have this on my wrist, it was my first tattoo and I am still in love with it