Concepts for New Amethyst by Rebecca Sugar

rebeccasugar: Concepts for New*Amethyst! At this time Garnet’s new colors weren’t tied down, I wanted to work on them together to make sure they’d compliment each other.

More Steven Universe artwork

cartoonnetwork: Our fans scored these sweet autographed posters by Rebecca Sugar & Crew at Comic Con!

Rebecca Sugar art for ruby.

troffie: “rebeccasugar: “Charlyne’s reads for Ruby were so huge, I had to do new drawings just to match them! ” I’ve always been obsessed with these drawings!

Early sketches for Steven’s Dream

rebeccasugar: “Early sketches for Steven’s Dream ” AHHHHHHHH The attention to detaillllllllllllll

Rebecca Sugar drew herself and look at her! She's so cute omg!<<< She HAS to make an appearance in some episode.

Pearl rocking different outfits. Steven universe

rebeccasugar: ghostdigits: Design ideas for Pearl back when she poofed in “Steven the Sword Fighter”. My original drawings were a little… dated, so I traced over them and added color for fun.