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“My another fantasy image - this time with beautiful @ophelia_overdose in spectacular outfit from @agnieszkaosipa 💫

Heaven - In this showcase, I have gathered 50+ Excellent Examples of #Self #portraits of humans #photography which portray a strong sense of emotion, personality, and life.

Tim Walker Exhibition Preview

For Cornelius's annual October costume party Sheherazade opted to wear her childhood good-luck bunny head. It was a little small but Phinny approved. She trusted him in all matters sartorial.

Inspiration Showcase of Double Exposure Photography

“This magnificent refuge is inside you. Enter. Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway. Step around the poisonous vipers that slither at your feet, attempting to throw you off your course. Be bold. Be humble....Ask no permission from the authorities

For every identity which the Narcissist discards, they create a new one, which is usually the old identity starting from scratch in the hopes of getting it right this new time around. They move in a perpetual cycle of repetition.

Fantasy | Magical | Fairytale | Surreal | Enchanting | Mystical | Myths | Legends | Stories | Dreams | Adventures | Dryad of Night by Leo Ch. on 500px

Hands, woman, female, nude, black and white, photo, retouch, mood and this is so Art