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Grammy gave me this pic when I was little :)

The True Meaning Of Friendship

Friendship is one of the most precious gift of life. A person who has true friends in life is lucky enough. Friendship makes life thrilli.


A Giant Surprise A Giant Surprise A wild Albino Whitetail Buck in velvet sneaking through the woods. To see more wild albino whitetail.

Real life dragon discovered found in the Lambusango Forest reserve Indonesia. Dragons, reality not mythology! #Dragon #Dragons #Awesome

A Real Life Dragon ~ Gliding Lizard Researchers in Indonesia have discovered what looks like a teeny tiny dragon. This was a nesting female found in the Lambsuango Forest reserve in 2009 and was immediately released after this photograph was taken.

Most Cute Albino Deer I've Ever Seen!

Ghost Deer * White deer do occur naturally in the wild. They are quite elusive, rarely seen and smaller than other white tailed deer. They are a protected species and the majority of a small population live in upper NY state, safe from hunters.

Behold, and I say unto you, that nuts will fall from the sky!  Can I get an amen?

The Interpretive Dance Squirrel . The Interpretive Dance Squirrel Are we still doing more of what makes us happy?

Sabaytime - Khmer Joke, Funny Picture, Troll Khmer, Quote of Love and Motivational

The last selfie. A cat takes his last selfie while getting caught by dogs. This is so funny.

We learned about these in science and I asked my teacher if she could bring one in for our giant empty tank of water (it was sad) and she gave me a horrified look and got a really distant look in her eyes and I wonder what traumatic experience she had with a mantis shrimp

Why the mantis shrimp is awesome. And why I love reading Oatmeal comics! (There is some pretty amazing/interesting info on here, esp about vision in the Mantis Shrimp.) yet not my favorite animal…