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from the Guardian

Medieval graffiti - in pictures

A complex knotwork design, known as a 'Solomon's Knot', from Lidgate church, Suffolk. The intricate designs are believed to be 'apotropaic' in nature, and had the specific function of warding off demons and ill-fortune...

St. Thomas guild - medieval woodworking, furniture and other crafts Armoire with iron hasps and hinges from Ukjent Fylke dating from the late Middle Ages. The front posts are attached to the sides with eight iron fittings, of wich four extend to the two doors (39 by 30 cm). The doors are opened by spade shaped iron rings. Height 96 cm, width 53 cm, depth 35 cm. On the outside are traces of white and blue paint.

from Mail Online

I can't believe it's real butter: Workers find 3,000-year-old barrel of butter in Irish peat bog

Barrel full of butter

Anglo-Saxon feast. Love the tapestry!

Detail of the original plank and muntin screen decorated with paintings from C15th in the Parlour, looking through to the Hall at Marker's C...

from the Guardian

Medieval graffiti - in pictures

Compass-drawn designs are among the most common of all graffiti motifs recorded in English medieval churches. Many of these are believed to have acted as ritual protection markings – to ward off the 'evil eye'. Various ancient churches in East Anglia.