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Weekly Inspiration 30

Octopus is a grey to yellowish cephalopod with a rounded head resembling a sack with eight tentacles, each with two rows of suction cups. Description from livingalifeincolour.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Octopus Hunting (Part 1)

An adult Octopus(sea animals) can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime.sea animals:octopus’ blood is blue. Numerous myths and legends surround the sea animals:octopus and most of them are false.

North Pacific Giant Octopus from "Sea": Mark Laita’s breathtaking photos of sea creatures

Breathtaking Photographs of Sea Creatures by Mark Laita

North Pacific Giant Octopus from "Sea": Mark Laita’s breathtaking photos of sea creatures. photographed the animals in tanks using studio strobe lighting, thus avoiding the blue-green tint of usual underwater photography and revealing their true colors.

Good Lookin Octopus

Explore the wonders of the ocean in a gif-ferent way, as we tumble through the beauty and science of the sea.

Please take a look at other pictures of me!  Gewöhnlicher Krake im Exotarium im Zoo Frankfurt.  --   Common octopus in Frankfurt's zoo.  octopus vulgaris

Octopus: Will Focus Magic Reason Illusion Defense Mystery Strategic Potential Knowing Diversity Creativity Flexibility Expansion Complexity Intelligence Adaptability Insatiability Unpredictability

Blanket Octopus | Blanket Octopus Mating

I got a cape, bitch. immunity to the poison of the man o’ war jellyfish. It has since used that immunity to dismember the most poisonous animal on the planet so that it can whip it’s ripped off tentacles at any predators or prey it might want to kill.