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Minik the Wonder Cat. Bless his little purring heart♥

Minik the Wonder Cat.

Minik the Wonder Cat. LOVE special needs kitties! I love that kitties with no eyes act just like any other!

Snoopy, the cutest cat ever. I must have one. (Bonus cuteness points for the hippo in the background of some of the pics!)

Snoopy, the cutest cat ever…

Ths is too freakin adorable. The cutest cat I've ever seen.

Fur and feathers. - Imgur

Fur and feathers.

My Mum's cat & bird were like this. The bird recently had to be put down & now the cat mourns his little buddy.

OMG! 6 AND 7 SOOOOOOO TRUE - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Our House Cat Rules. These are the rules. This cat rules the house. And this cat rules!

so sweet cat and doggie enjoying each others company  god bless them both

Diferentes, porém amigos

German Shepherd and his kitty friend This means I can get a cat AND a dog in the future right!

looks like my cat. i'm pretty sure she'd kill and eat me, too, if it came down to it.

Her, I like. You... I will kill and eat.

How far would you go for the love of your cat? Would you get a tattoo? These people did. Here are some random pictures of cat tattoos that I found on the

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