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i am a witch

I am the one with the wild eyes. I am the one that strange things seem to happen around. I am the one who knows things before they happen. My roots are deep within Nature. My heart is a thousand years old. I am not like other people. I am a Witch.

thats what we are

Macbeth only is somewhat civil to the witches so that he may use their power for his selfish greed. Today, witches use power either for themselves in religious or meditative ways, or to heal others, such as with herbalism.

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If I get hungry I have my own kids, I don't sacrifice anything or anyone.   Evil...only if you wanna get on my bad side ;-)  BTW I'm allergic to dogs...I'll pass on that.

I'm not a witch, but I've read about modern day Witchcraft and Wicca and it is NOT about evil spells and blood sacrifices. Being unfamiliar or not affiliated with something is no reason to remain ignorant.