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Hewlett Packard Hp Dual Radio Ap (Am) Product Category: Network Hardware/Wireless Devices / Access Point

15 Famous Brand Logo With Hidden Messages Inside - Ftw Gallery | eBaum's World

15 Famous Brand Logo With Hidden Messages Inside

15 Famous Brand Logo With Hidden Messages Inside - Ftw Gallery

Baskin Robbins. Tuesday night cones are 5 fir $5.00. I can take the whole family, except for me:) ( I gave up dairy, so I'm good:)

Baskin Robbins Gluten Free Menu

The new Baskin-Robbins logo, in use since has the number 31 making part of the initials "BR". Baskin-Robbins has always used its 31 flavours of ice cream (one for every day of the month) as a central part of its marketing.

Famous logos then and now - 9GAG

Famous logos then and now

This pin is connected to the chapter of graphic design and logos. Logos create brand identity for the company. This pin shows logos of famous companies then and now.

Carrefour is one of the biggest European retailers, and it’s also French for “crossroads”. The logo symbolizes this word via two opposite arrows. They also added the first letter of the name, because if you look closely you’ll see the letter C in the negative space between the two arrows.

Lettermark logo for Carrefour. The play on positive and negative space is really nice, and the arrow made from the negative space is great. Really nicely designed!


The form is the red circle while the counterform is the lowercase "b" in the logo. The negative space creates a headphone shape.

I love being part of the Dell family and I appreciate Dell's support on my career development. I want to expand my impact at Dell with the knowledge and skills I will gain at Texas MBA.

Dell sells PCs, Laptops, electronics and innovative technology and services to businesses and consumers.

Logos - Saul Bass Continental Airlines, United Way, Minolta, Girl Scouts