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Before Jim Rhodes: Tony Stark, no longer trusting his shrapnel-torn heart, trusts the armor to a "brown bomber." Is boxer Eddie March the great gold hope against Crimson Dynamo? (Jon Favreau played boxer Rocky Marciano in a movie.

Avengers 264

Did designer Jan invent the boyfriend look - or did this knockoff do it first? A thief steals Hank's Yellowjacket costume and wears it herself (hey, another thief stole his Ant-Man outfit and got away with it! Get a LifeLock, Janet (Hope in the movie)!

Just spider-man being spider-man

Just spider logic

+Come down here and fight like a man! -I don't suppose I can convince you to come up here and fight like a spider. Spiderman-Marvel Comics - Classic Spidey, isn't it?

Plastic Man 12  April 1976 Issue  DC Comics  Grade by ViewObscura

Original Plastic Man Comic, Bronze Age, DC Comics Loved Plaz- and the cartoon as well.