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guinea pig on a wilderness hike. mr nibbles walks through the forest and is in awe as he spots a red fedora flying through the clouds

"Every rustle you make, every bag you shake, I'll be watching you..."

This is so true! I'll move a bag in the other room and I'll hear my Guinea start to squeak from my room😂

thedailyguineapig: “ “ Never noticed how tall humans were ‘till now! ” Just doing a little yoga, working on mah upward pig ”

It's sticking out its adorable little tongue!

We love our guinea kids, and they sure know how to use that to their advantage! Get to know our boys (tagged guinea kids) and join me in my obsession with these small, fuzzy creatures and the.

Thankfully, Guinea Pigs are perfect for children of all ages because not only are they small, they don’t need that much maintenance, and they can even live up to 7 years in captivity.

Peruvian Guinea Pigs are Perfect Pet for Children

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Giving Your Guinea Pig The Companionship It Needs. Photo by Jlhopgood Among the most commonly held beliefs when it comes to guinea pigs is that it is okay to keep just one on its own.

OMG...I've found the "twin" piggie for my piggie Sparkle! :D how incredible...they look almost identical, with patterns and everything...

Although guinea pigs may seem very simple to care for, there are many common mistakes. Here are five frequent misconceptions and how to avoid them to become a better caretaker for your cavy.