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Flea Market Flipping - Earn Extra Money Buying Low And Selling High

Flea market flipping - earn extra cash from buying items at low prices and selling on for a good profit. Read my interview with Melissa who does it as a full time job:

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10 Places to Keep Your Money That's Not a Bank

Although a bank can keep your money safe, with low interest rates, they are not the most sought after place to leave your money. Where else can you hide your savings away?

How to Pay Off Debt Fast with a Low Income -

from The Busy Budgeter

One Family's Budget with Low Income and High Debt, Completely Reworked into a Long Term Financial Guide by an Expert

One Family's Budget with Low Income and High Debt, Completely Reworked into a Long Term Financial Guide by an Expert. THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE *EVER* READ ON PINTEREST. I hear about budgets ALL THE FREAKING TIME. But seeing in such an honest and open and incredibly detailed way of every step of it AND How it relates to your actual life. I wish more than anything there were more ways to see this, real numbers, real life and not just a "Pinterest worthy perfect budget" that no one ever…

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30+ Ways To Save Money Each Month

Here’s are 30 + ways to save money this month. I highly recommend these budgeting tips I think everyone can put into practice. Following these simple easy tips can help make your money go further along the month.

Want to learn how to buy low and sell high on eBay? Check out this detailed post on how to make eBay arbitrage work for you.

from The Practical Saver

How We Live Off Well On Under $31,000/Year

Have you lived on a budget so tight and low that not many believe you? My family lives off well on $31,000 a year on a budget. We get to travel, do leisure activities, save money, east good food, dine out, have great insurance coverage, and others. #fruga

from Saving Dollars & Sense

From Foreclosure to Financial Freedom

Both my husband and I have fought to crawl out of a pit of debt. I know exactly how it feels to cringe every time the phone rings because the likelihood that it will be a bill collector is so high, you know it really is the only time your phone rings anymore. We took some drastic measures, which really is all you can do when you find yourself so low.