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Its hard to see the clothing because of the text but I like the ripped tights style of rebelling, maybe the men who are wearing hose have holes and rips in them, also she has on rosary beads and a cross, using religious jewelry could be a really cool use of modernizing tybalt?

Like, the ONLY religious content on here I want, this kind of stuff

I need this reminder... like all the time. But especially now with these grad school requirements. I love knowing that my God has got it all under control.

A different version of the Lent tree, plus an idea for a Lenten offering vase. Might try this one next year.

It's amazing that God talks to us inso many ways...I can hear the Holy Spirit and the timing of what I read is just what I need to hear at just the right time! Isn't God amazing!?!

Monkey Magic is a brilliant TV Show from the early 1980s about the ravels of a monk and his followers to find the Holy Scriptures. A must watch! Monkey Magic is one of the many TV adaptations based on one of the 4 greatest Chinese literary works called 'The Journey to the West'.

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