Dog-Daisy Chains: textiles

amazing felt brooches -seed pods as inspiration for felt brooches using the felting needle

This site is great!

Again not sure I have the patience for the detail work. Sewing is not a labor of love for me - just a means to a really cute end!

It might be fun to re-create these with paper but I bet the originals are beautiful.

Felt and velvet embroidered hearts (embroidered diy felt in general)

A Scot in Tennessee: Artist of the Week - Dog Daisy Chains

Dog-Daisy Chains: The Best fun you can have on the kitchen table.

Dog-Daisy Chains: Corsages and two ladies

This woman does incredible things with felt and her sewing machine. I love her shapes, patterns and colors!

Dog-Daisy Chains: textiles - Leaf embellishments - maybe for a headband?

Andamento, Design, and Color Inspiration; textile art by Jackie Cardy