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Information on CBD and Cannabidiol, medical uses, it's benefits and effect. Treating epilepsy, seizures, cancer and depression to uses in pets. Is CBD legal and the guidelines in the 50 states.

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#‎Share‬ if this also happens where you live.

Marijuana is legal in my house. Welcome to the Independent Republic of Your Home!

Me: Chronic Pain, Endometriosis, Type 1 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ménière's Disease, which also causes more pain, swelling, inflammation, depression, anxiety, migraines from light sensitivity, disorientation, vertigo, chronic fatigue....the list goes on. Legalize and cure! If not cure then help millions of people in pain stop having to take pain medication that causes more harm than good, and is highly addictive especially to those who get addicted easily. Spread the…

Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition added a new photo — with Roxy Carp and 14 others.


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Government owns Patent on Cannabis, marijuana, pot, How do you patent nature?

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Letting go is finding the strength to hold on. i love this so much! Sometimes its hard to remember what letting go really is.

Have patience and wait for the thing you want most. Don't chase it. Don't run after it. If God wants you to have it, He will give it to you.

Ahhhh patience, you elusive devil.


Hello My Name Is Human-Being. I have an Endocannabinoid System In My Body - Marijuana Memes

Good one!

Good one!

Big pharma is getting pissed.

Cannabis healing health and environmental benefits. This plant needs to be LEGAL! I become repulsed at the thought of ALCOHOL being legal and thousands die a year from the "white mans devil"! WAKE UP!

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Do you really believe there is anything you can say that is worse than what she has actually lived through? The tiny string that barely held her she had to use to sew herself back up with