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Disneyland C. 1959

56 Amazing Disney Theme Park Photos

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember this whole thing was started by a mouse Walt Disney Mickey & Minnie 1950

Daily Vintage Disneyland: Disneyland's Rocket Jets & Peoplemover from with the Matterhorn in the background

welldressedanddisneyobsessed: “daily vintage disneyland: disneyland’s rocket jets & peoplemover from 1968 with the matterhorn in the background by mike pierce ”

The line to purchase Disneyland tickets on the park's opening day, July 17, 1955.  when Disney was good...

Disneyland opened on this date, July in 58 years ago today. Photo: Some of the people waiting to buy tickets on opening day, which came to be known as Black Sunday.

Opening day at Disneyland – July 17th, 1955. This is a shot taken from the Sleeping Beauty Castle looking down along Main Street.

Today marks the opening day of Disneyland – July This is a shot taken that day from the Sleeping Beauty castle looking down along Main Street. You can bet that at no time today, that street will look that deserted!

Coke Terrace (Tomorrowland) - 1970's; The stage was stored and had access from below ground. When a performance was scheduled, the stage was raised and the "planter" lifted to become a performance space. It took two people to raise and lower the stage. Each was posted on an opposite side to ensure nobody would be injured when the structure was activated.

Tomorrowland in its heyday. Tomorrowland Stage Disneyland Hotel in the background. This has Rolly Crump signature mark

Vintage Disney Parks= these rockets are no longer there

Tomorrowland filled out with rides like The Peoplemover. Guests boarded small trains that ran on an elevated track, providing panoramic views of the park. The attraction closed in 1995 because Imagineers thought it was too outdated.