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Gluten-Free Vegan Mincemeat Pie was a reader requested recipe for the winter holidays... and I couldn't resist finding a way to make this traditional treat

Pistachio & Orange Blossom Raw Avocado Cake (Free from: dairy, gluten & grains, refined sugar, oils, and with a nut-free option)

Chocolate Blackout Cupcakes – Nut-Free

Amazing low carb dark chocolate cupcakes that are also nut-free. Made with sunflower seed flour! The rich sugar-free chocolate frosting is to die for.

Chocolate and Earl Grey is my favorite flavor combo for chocolate bars -- there's one by a particular brand I always stock up on if I come across it. BUT l

Kombucha SCOBY Candy

Okay so hear me out. And yea, I know that's no way to start a post about anything intended to be edible. But open your mind a bit for this one. Today, in the spirit of Halloween and also my sugar addiction, we're making gummies with our kombucha SCOBYs (aka kombucha mamas!). Chances are, if you've already got to the point where you've even made a SCOBY (see kickass guide here), you're probably already a bit open to trying unconventional things...i.e. eating that…