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I want this movie room with this huge colorful couch! Ah, who cares about the movie room, just give me the couch!

Media room- like the color scheme and the black/white celebrity photos on sound panels with black frames.

20 Stunning Home Theater Rooms That Inspire You

A home theater room is a dream for many, mine too but first I need a home office. Check out these 20 Stunning Home Theater Rooms That Inspire You to make your dream.

15 Things You Can't Live Without - http://jessexplainsitall.com/15-things-you-cant-live-without/

15 Things You Can't Live Without

15 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home. Cool home decorations, bath, kitchen designs. This would be so awesome to have! I am definitely having this once I'm rich and have an awesome house!

Things You Need In Your Home home pool amazing stairs architecture interesting homes exterior design home decorating rooms

Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home Only thing I want from that list is the swing set dinning room table and the loft hammock

My House Feels So Boring After Seeing These 30 Awesome Things for the house of your dreams.

Sleep with the Fishes in Custom-made Aquarium Bed by Acrylic Tank Manufacuring. (I will not be relax sleeping under a fish tank. As beautiful as it may be, I will always dream of the tank would one day burst while you are sleeping :D

Heck yea! A Narnia wardrobe! I would have it lead outside into a small wooded area!

Ward's Random Picture Dump

(Narnia or not. How awesome would this be as a kid!) Wardrobe Passage to Hidden Narnia-Themed Playroom. Secret rooms are the BEST!

Some of these are AMAZING! We've rounded up some cool home gadgets and products that think outside the box.

24 Cool Home Gadgets, Products That Think Outside the Box, also known as my potential future house projects.

Love this...maybe between the shed and the garage?  Hmmm....Indoor Climbing and Sliding Spaces for Kids

List of awesome things that you need to have in a new house. Like this net loft in a high ceilinged room!

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This outdoor theater will make your house the gathering spot on summer evenings! hometheater outdoorliving - Home Decorating Magazines