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Treasure destroys his own argument===OH, he wants to go to Washington DC too..==On Tuesday afternoon, as legislators grappled with how best to solve Louisiana's current $957 million budget shortfall and next year's projected $2 billion shortfall, State Treasurer (and U.S. Sena...

Bizarro world in America. 1 in 4 corporations pay no income tax. But CONS think we should solve our budget woes by cutting food stamps, unemployment ins. and all programs designed to help the poor.

Paul Krugman Slams the Absurd Delusion of the Republican War on Science ===== They're even in denial about being in denial.

Millionaires Benefit Most from Bush Tax Cuts - yeah it was like $30 for me - would rather have that $ used for the debt

Only a Democrat would think we could solve the negative impact of high tax rates by further hiking tax rates. It takes a very specialized economic ignorance in order to come up with some of the policy prescriptions proposed by the folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Truth About Obamacare and How It Solves the Suffering of the Insured

Spin Baby Spin....Just So I Know What Is Out There...Anything To Get People On A Single Payer System...Can You Say Socialism At Best? The Affordable Care Act, Part the Money Angle - PositiveMed

Cutting the cable cord, explained

Dozens of apps, subscription services and devices can help you ditch your cable company without facing any FOMO. Cable companies are scrambling to catch up by building better bundles and providing more options to their consumers.

Louisiana has a $900 million problem and 5 months to solve it

Louisiana has a $900 million problem and 5 months to solve it======Shortfall larger than annual budgets of every public higher education institution in New Orleans and LSU's main campus combined