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PopSci: Chinas new laser gun can shoot down drone and aircraft

IBM launches quantum computing for the rest of us

On Wednesday, IBM unveiled the world’s first cloud-based quantum computing experience. Starting today, regular humans will be able to access real quantum computing hardware based in IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, which means virtually anyone can run quantum computing experiments from the comfort of their lab, office or living room couch. In quantum computing, there are quantum bits or qubits that can actually have two states at once (a superposition).

Google, NASA work together to design drone air-traffic-control system — RT USA

Matter te ajuta sa adaugi efecte 3D grozave pozelor tale

Is this the Royal Navy warship of the future?

Worthy of USS Enterprise: The new-style operations room that would give commanders the ability to focus on specific zones from up to thousands of miles away