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Lighten your touch! Soothing sensitive skin can be as easy as using a light hand when applying products. Touch your skin like you would a Faberge egg.

Harsh ingredients, picking at your #skin, the environment or even just genetics can cause your skin to become sensitive or sensitized. Soothe stressed skin immediately with these three #tips.

If you have sensitive #skin, you NEED a gentle cleanser. @refinery29 recommends Sensitive Skin Cleanser.

Traveling can heighten skin sensitivity, so leaving your normal skin routine at home is a no-no. Take your skin care to-go with Travel Light Kit for Sensitive Skin!

Avoid skin sensitivity! The AAD recommends replenishing your skin's hydrolipidic barrier to minimize the risk of irritation. Apply a serum after your toner to give your skin a boost!

Recovery Serum makes a great #makeup primer for sensitive skin!

Do you have red, irritated, angry or inflamed skin? Learn what causes skin sensitivity and how to stop it

The sun can act as a skin irritant - especially if you exfoliate right before stepping outside. Keep your skin protected (and sensitive skin from getting irritated) by applying a broad spectrum sunscreen every day.

Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer is dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating, making it a great moisturizer for those with sensitive skin.

Think exfoliation is out of the question for your sensitive skin? Think again! Apply a gently exfoliating mask for 10 minutes to reveal soft, smooth skin.