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One of my favorite quotes ever! Think about those who can't hear about a subject without taking offense. Aristotle's not talking about those people. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

explain your anger, don't express it and you will immediately open the door to solutions instead of arguments.

Osho .... In your silence, when there are no words, no language, nobody else is present, you are gettin in tune with existence. (God defines my existence. This is the context I put this quote in._

Your religion or ideology don't make you a good person, it's your actions that make you a good person.

Oh my - almost an identical discussion took place in one of my classes. Unfortunately the boy still didn't take on what I had said.

This is my parenting/teaching style. We generally avoid yelling and encourage discussion. I want my kids to understand why we do the things we do & how we arrive at those conclusions. When my kids better understand the why, they better own the idea...it isn't just following a rule because they otherwise might get in trouble- it's following a rule because it's the best choice.

Louis C.K. "Offending people is a necessary and healthy act ... every time you say something that is offensive to another person, you just created a discussion. You just forced them to have to think."

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