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SOLD! no one will adopt me i dont even know my name*cries* SOLD!

no one will adopt me i dont even know my name*cries* SOLD!

MLP Adopt Auction - Petal Prancer (CLOSED) by tsurime.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Hi I'm jingle bell and I have two sisters I'm in the middle age my big sister is Style paw and my little sister is rainbow pie

Berry Swirl. She likes to pick berries. Raspberry, blueberry,strawberry. She also likes grapes. Sometimes she makes juice to sell in the market. Up for adoption.

This was commissioned by She was fun to do because of her floofy mane! Base by *SelenaEde Fleurine belongs to *NightmareLunaFan MLP FIM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust

MLP FIM: Snowdrop - should have been a princess by hinoraito.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I have been wanting to make a fan art of the fan episode. Snowdrop sure sounded like she could have been one epic princess of DOOM. MLP FIM: Snowdrop - should have been a princess

Candy Bacon~ I want to add this to MLP Adoptables, but they havent accepted me yet, so this OC is on hold...

Candy Bacon~ A really cute, funny, random pony who loves bacon. My pony adoption, I really love this one

my little pony friendship is magic - Google Search

dont normally pin MLP stuff but vinyl scratch and discord are too cute pusheen style :)

ok so i forget how pinterest works, so im not sure if people are commenting on my post or all of them, but yeah folks these lil guys are super old and not for free, if you want some characters go check out  https://mlp-adoptables-club.deviantart.com/gallery/48695717/Free-Adoptables for some freebies!! (btw the original artist deactivated) but for the love of god dont steal these-- i think i should delete this post lmao

(I have adopted neon beat lemon frost and ash Welcome to the family! I adopted Windry Satara and Firefly Welcome home!

And Some More by *Ric-M on deviantART Not a mlp fan well not a huge one I only like mlp because one the art and two doctor whooves

omg, I asked my friend which one is which horse and she's like talking a mile a minute, and im like. this is my friend- a crazy MLP and Dr Who fan.

Mer-Aina Heart of a angel and as feirce as a tiger This oc is for trade *Not My Art* I WILL TRADE  •Mlp Oc You Don't Use/Like that's yours  •ART  •Mlp Art

Mer-Aina Heart of a angel and as feirce as a tiger Adopted by pinkie pie fan

This is Frozen Snowflake she is 17 years old and is a crystal pony. Her little sister is Snowdrop. She is so exited to be a animal foster , she loves dogs. She is also good at freezing things.

This is SilverMist she is 14 and she has no powers as well! Her sister is Dimond Tiara! SilverMist is a crystal pony as well as Dimond Tiara! SilverMist loves snowflakes and has a rock collection! SilverMist and Dimond Tiara must be adopted together!

Female Cartoon Character #female

this is some gorgeous fan art of human Rarity, from MLP. My little pony

MLP Adoptables - Christmas Set (all gone!) by tsurime on DeviantArt

gingerbread belongs to zamitri jingle belongs to sablepuss powder belongs to twinelights hey again! this was a little experiment i did a little while ag. MLP Adoptables - Christmas Set (all gone!