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A House Called Home: Overriding My Emotions

A House Called Home: Day - When the days get long.

Roger and Steven Ham and family.

Superdads! Couple adopts 14 kids from foster care

Roger and Steven Ham and family. ~ This couple adopted 14 kids out of foster care and gave them a safe and happy family to thrive in.

Defending The Fatherless - Adoption Blog

Defending The Fatherless- Ethiopian adoptions

A House Called Home: My Little Ol' Speech

So when I was up in front of all those people at the luncheon , what did I talk about? I talked about what I know, my kids.

Foster Teen Parenting

Foster Teen Parenting

Nothing prepared me for fostering teens! I was given nine weeks of training from the Children's Home Society before taking my first foster child. There was a great deal of information to digest in a short span of time. It left me with the innocent.

A House Called Home: Being a Big Picture Person - Not getting bogged down in the everyday.

I talk a lot about teaching kids how to work. I think we need to give our kids responsibilities at home s.

A House Called Home: More Than A Cause - when children need homes... #adoption

A House Called Home: More Than A Cause - when children need homes.

Psychology Today article: "When Is Love Not Enough? Transracial adoption and parenting children of a different race."

One single mother's journal of a transracial life made all the better through adoption, birth, and chaos with consistency.

A House Called Home: Listen Carefully Or Not At All

When my adoption journey ended up being harder than I thought it was going to be, I ended up hearing comments like this.

A House Called Home: Four Stressful Baby Birds

Two mornings ago it was overflowing with four baby robins. Two evenings ago they all bounded down and hopped away.

A House Called Home: Tomorrow Will Be Better

Some days are hard. Days when I wonder why I chose to do this all over again. Days that are so long and tough I don't think I can make .

A House Called Home - Teaching kids how to speak whale.  Really, that's what this is about...

A House Called Home: Sometimes We All Need a Little Silly - keeping spirits high

A House Called Home: You May Want to Stand Back

A House Called Home: You May Want to Stand Back

Answering the Rude Questions

Answering the Rude Questions