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The Obamas are not totally stupid and uninformed, they just like to keep stabbing the knife of racism in a little deeper each time they speak! Yes, slaves helped build the White House, but so did many hired laborers. Shameful that the Obamas are such blatant race-baiters! They don't even practice any subtlety.

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MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH: Bee Venom Shown To Kill HIV...

Michelle Obama Says Her Life Is Harder Than Any Soldier? Obama Cuts 2.6 Billion From Veterans While Allocating 4.5 Billion To Syrian Migrants Moving To America? True??

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Feisty☀️Floridian on

Liberal Hypocrisy! Build that fence @realDonaldTrump @jorgeramosnews has one!!"....AND WHY DON'T SOMEONE CALL HIM ON IT......BECAUSE THEIR ALL CROOKED TOO...LET'S CLEAN HOUSE PEOPLE.....I'M VOTING FOR TRUMP.......VOTE PEOPLE VOTE.

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Historians Reveal Truth About Michelle’s Claim That Slaves Built the White House

Conservative Tribune On Monday night, first lady Michelle Obama spoke to a room full of angry Bernie Sanders supporters and bored Hillary Clinton supporters and once again reminded everyone that she wakes up in a house built by slaves. This isn’t the first time Michelle, or her husband, have mentioned this. However, like many of the things heard at the Democrat National Convention, Obama’s statement was carefully scripted and left out some very important details. Back when she used…

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Htown on

Never she did!!! Those 4 patriots deserve JUSTICE!! If she gets into office...the body count gere and abroad will rise!