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The Obamas are not totally stupid and uninformed, they just like to keep stabbing the knife of racism in a little deeper each time they speak! Yes, slaves helped build the White House, but so did many hired laborers. Shameful that the Obamas are such blatant race-baiters! They don't even practice any subtlety.


Sep 15 Missouri legislators expand gun rights in defiance of concerns from police

Michelle Obama Says Her Life Is Harder Than Any Soldier? Obama Cuts 2.6 Billion From Veterans While Allocating 4.5 Billion To Syrian Migrants Moving To America? True??

Ole Lester expected Mr Trump to run over and shake his hand!?! Judas had already been bought and paid for... so what's new w a clinton? Mr Trump eventually did shake Lester's hand, but he made him squirm a bit...

I am Proud mom of twins. Politically I am conservative libertarian. Pro-life. Married to my best friend. If you don't like my blog move on. Do unto others as you would want done to you is the creed I live by.

Liars, Power-Hungry, Immoral People! That's my definition of Bill & Hillary Clinton!

U.S. Congressman Jim Bridenstine's 1-minute speech on the House floor

This was an amazing speech by this Godly physcian and scholar. He DOES NOT say killery worships lucifer as the DNC and mainstream media are saying...always twisting the truth!!