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I have yet too live my life purely out of hatred...2015 will be that year and I bet it will be most successful of all..I will write a book if living a life out of hatred helps you accomplish all your goals and dreams..hate isn't necessarily a bad thing, if anything it could be the strongest form of motivation a person could have.

Obama and Holder…brothers in racism…brothers in hate

Beard ψ(`∇´)ψ

Oh I see you have a beard and tattoos.// Oh, eu vejo que vc tem barba e…


I've never wanted to, and I won't ever try to :) I will always love you no matter what curves life throws at us! Forever my always :)

Forgiving People-More than I can count on 2 hands...but wouldn't take back anything...everyone deserves 2nd chances...

It doesn't always make sense. but it does happen. 'n Sometimes they'll still break your heart. but we have to have hope that they won't. Story of my fucking life.

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Ego traps…

Being aware of these common ego traps on the spiritual path helps us to loosen the grip they have on our lives. The first step is awareness. The second step is acceptance. This then naturally leads to transcendence…

My grandmother always said to kill them with kindness.

Smile, it irritates those who wish to destroy you life quotes quotes quote smile life inspirational motivational life lessons teen haters

Good morning, love. I want to see you more than anything right now.

I really do, even though you don't know, may not even realise or just don't think about me anymore. I will always miss you. - I always miss you Jen. I miss you.

So true...

I am still holding on love quotes quotes quote sad heart broken relationship quotes girl quotes quotes and sayings image quotes picture quotes just because I still have hope for you

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awesome takes practice. i practice everyday.