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35PHOTO - Александр Чибиркин - Обитатели каменных джунглей.

35PHOTO - Александр Чибиркин - Обитатели каменных джунглей.

The blue trail” by Mario Cea, Spain

Here Are The 25 Wildlife Photos That Are Up For The 2016 People's Choice Award

If you hurry, you can have a say in who wins the Wildlife Photographer of the year People's Choice Awards of There are 25 photographs to choose from

(Shown: A Buddy to Snow). A beautiful horse. A beautiful barn. Some beautiful Decorpro planters and tabletop fireburners to add some colour and warmth. Your horses want to be happy, too..!

What's cuter than cute animals? Why cute animals covered in snow of course! Start your day with a smile with these adorable pictures.

This wolf has his mistress eyes!

Wolf Spirit - A power animal symbolic of freedom. The wolf totem is a reminder to keep your spirit alive and trust your instincts to find the way that will best suit you.

For you my love ❤️ Is this for real?

A romantic squirrel appears to have gone all-out for Valentines Day, presenting his love interest with a bright red rose. The shot was taken by renowned squirrel photographer Max Ellis, from Teddington, South West London.

Giraffe kiss

Funny pictures about Mom Kisses Baby Giraffe. Oh, and cool pics about Mom Kisses Baby Giraffe. Also, Mom Kisses Baby Giraffe photos.

deer in snow with fruit tree  nature's crystallized beauty ~ frozen magnificent moment

We call them Deer Trees, old orchard or wild apple trees that have persistant fruit. In the early winter deer flock to these to supplement their diet before the hard winter sets in. We even help our friends, the deer.