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Wales 1875. I hope that in 150 years someone sees a pic of me & yarn & laughs out loud like I just did. And then smiles inwardly like I am now.

Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (30 photos)

Mr. James McAvoy. This is kind of off topic, but can I nominate him for the next James Bond? He just has that... I don't know... suave, James-Bond-ish quality about him. I think he'd play the part really well.

Orphans-Chapter Four

Poor Little Fool (Daniel)     I nearly paced a hole into the floor waiting for my baby sister to come home. I swear she was in so much trouble. She knew better than to attack people like that! I had sincerely hoped I taught her better than that! Who did she think she was? Our parents?     That thought stopped me dead in my tracks. I sighed heavily and shook my head, ashamed of the thought. I refused to let Edith become a monster like them...