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Who is a Bellen Bae and what does she do?

Wales 1875. I hope that in 150 years someone sees a pic of me & yarn & laughs out loud like I just did. And then smiles inwardly like I am now.

Neither of them knew they would be meeting at the same event. Until they caught on another's eye. She gave the tiniest of smiles, as though apologising from afar. But he did not reciprocate. He simply straightened his back, poised his expression, & stared blankly through her. As though she wasn't even there. & that, was worse than no contact at all.

"So..." He said to his grandmother. "So?" She replied. "So, how d'you like Bee?" He looked up from his hands. "Ooooo!" She cried, something she did often when she was excited or knew gossip was coming. "Wrap her up & give her to me for Christmas! Oh Jamesie she's wonderful!" She told him. This thrilled him, to know that she thought so much of the girl he loved. He smiled at his grammy, knowing just how well they would get on, his hands still locked in his lap.

Connor was aware of the people looking at him. He didn't belong to be in this police station. What he'd down wasn't that bad. He looked around at the thugs that surrounded him. They all had tattoos, scars, and beards. Connor? He was wearing a white T-shirt, black jeans , and he was only seventeen. Was what he did this bad?

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