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Fun and quick quiz! The "Wizard of Oz" is coming to Wind Point on a giant outdoor screen. Shoop Park. Friday July 2015 at Bring your own blankets and chairs. Costumes encouraged! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (FREE EVENT)

When this sign needed everyone to back up off it. | 17 Photos That Are Hilariously Perfect

This teen who keeps a photo of Terry Crews close at all times. | 21 Teens Who Are So Extra It Hurts

I can remember up to H ;) B-flat used to be called just B and the B-natural used to be called "H" because of the similarity to the natural sign. Also, In Bach's music, there are occasionally passages where he plays his name B-A-C-H (B-flat, A, C, and B-natural) Music Problems

Funny dogs photos. Mostly posting this because this is about the most adorable thing I have ever seen (#6). #16 and 19 are good too. I'm smiling right back!

"overly manly man" _____^ Ya, except that I am a girl, so, am I an overly manly girl? At any rate, brakes are for wimps...UNLESS you are pulling the E-brake in the rain to have some fun....heheheehe

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