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Am I the only one who thinks Sherlock might be so defensive about suicide because he was considering it for himself?

Hahaha!! I have totally done&felt this way before!  "I don't like it." And all the sudden I feel like I'm turning into Moriarty lol "Learn to..."

Exactly how it went down when my friend fell in love with Sherlock. And a different friend didn't love Doctor Who.<----- I usually end up forcing people to try again, because they only watch the first couple episodes of Doctor Who.

Best part of Season 3, episode 1: John's mustache.

this will never ever ever ever stop being funny<--- if there is not a moustache pun in series 3 I will be bitterly disappointed! This os Hilarious!

Sherlock Holmes, a funny guy lol nerdtastic  just fine entertainment and superb talent engagedbfor these fabulous scripts!!                                                                                                                                                     More

It's a brilliant conversation starter, I do believe I have used it before - not because Sherlock did, but because it's all I could think to say. I'm not exactly great at small talk…haha <-- pretty sure this is a sheldon cooper quote actually

Texts From 221b Baker Street

What really goes on behind the doors of Welcome to the dark side of Sherlock! Careful you don't knock over the beerbong on your way in, and make yourself comfortable.