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Crystal Healing Chart: Crystal Formations and their Meanings. What are the Crystal Healing properties of different crystal formations and shapes? Discover how these common and unusual forms add extra special meanings to your crystals. #crystals #infographic

Crystal Healing Guide: Still cleansing Crystals in water? Read why this common crystal healing method could ruin your crystals!... #crystalhealing #crystals #crystals

Crystal Healing Guide: How to consecrate or dedicate new crystals. Crystal healing for beginners. Crystal Healing, Angels, Altar, Buddha

My crystal poster showing some of the crystals with healing properties to help move on, break free, cut the ties that bind you. ❤️

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BE HEALED.... Chakras or the inner energy circles are coupled with the physiological and psychological circumstances of the body. As a result, it is imperative…