Designed for two real estate professionals and their two sons, the Jarson Residence by Will Bruder + Partners rises as a quiet and imposing structure from the desert surrounding it. Overlooking the McDowell Mountains to the north east, this spectacular dream home is dressed in a skin made of weathered steel and cooper pierced by large glazed areas.

Right here in our very own Phoenix area hides this gorgeous modern home. The exterior featuring weathered steel and copper finish, as well as large 2 story windows. Check out this beautiful design! by the Jarson Residence in Arizona

Lovely two story high windows compliment this modern design. The Modern Jarson Residence in Arizona

What a palace! Gorgeous design brings a warmth to not only the interior, but the exterior views as well. Using a Cumarú wood coating keeps this beauty comfortable both inside & out! Aroeira III House (2011) designed by ColectivAequitectura in Portugal

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