Vocabulary Chart Catergory: Vocabulary 1 Original Source: http://chartchums.wordpress.com/?s=chart+font Description: Even though its just paper it is a good reminder to have in the classroom to help students remember the steps for learning new vocabulary. This would work well in the reading center.

chartchums on WordPress.com

Sticky Note Day

Vocabulary Visuals – Using Charts to Help Make Words Stick

Reading Is Thinking: Studying Helen Keller

We've been reading Scholastic chapter book biographies for homework (Rosa Parks and Neil Armstrong) but in class we are enjoying Helen Kel.

S.W.B.S.T - parts of a story summary

Summarize Anchor Chart…image only. Have done this for starting narratives, but would be a good way to get that summary going after reading one! How to Eat Fried Worms instantly came to mind!

The Teaching Thief: Favorite Picture Books for Teaching Comprehension

The Teaching Thief: Favorite Picture Books for Teaching Comprehension Great ideas that I can use for my students! I can see this so clearly in my mind now that I had some time in the LA classroom!

Reading Partner Chart with Prompts

Reading Partner Chart with Prompts--especially useful with the bilingual pairs component inDual Language

Reading block activities -  Sentence starters for writing about reading and lots of other great ideas!

Writing about Reading Anchor Chart- It gives students sentences that provoke feelings about their books. What they liked, didn't like, what they weren't sure about and how they felt after reading.

anchor chart - schema (with children's book example)

Schema Anchor Chart: Schema, our mental filing cabinet, is a key element of my theory! Schema can help readers use semantic cues.