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Chick-Fil-A Makes Major Announcement

Coal Comfort

I recently had a discussion with someone who felt disappointed in Obama; he had not, this person complained, lived up to the high hopes of his supporters. My response apparently came as a surprise: I’m liking Obama more and more as he slogs through his second term. June 2, 2014

These Illustrations Will Make Your Day

These Body Positive Illustrations Will Make Your Day #refinery29 artist-carol rossetti

Description: Group of young school students, Woodbine, New Jersey Medium: Lantern slide Date:ca. 1900 Persistent URL: Repository: American Jewish Historical Society Parent Collection: Baron The history of Casa Xelajú is one built on trial and error with visions of a better future for Guatemala and an international awareness of Guatemala's political, social, and cultural situation. -

Perceptions of corruption in Australian government and public sector increase

Corruption perception index selected-countries - Perceptions of corruption in the Australian government and public sector increased in 2015 for the fourth year running, surging six points since 2012 in an annual index by Transparency International. A federal anti-corruption agency, muscular anti-foreign bribery laws and political donations reform were required to help arrest the slide, senior members of the anti-corruption group said.

Bell ringer 1.Get with your groups and be ready to present your political cartoon! 2.Make sure you have all of your papers (role sheets, written description,

How To Use Technology To Get Happier

5 Ways Your Phone Can Improve Your Life #refinery29 Stand For SomethingStudies suggest a link between political activism and well-being — but we don’t all have the time for regular rallies and marches. Fortunately, technology can keep you linked to the issues and groups that matter to you.iCitizen allows you to follow and speak out about legislative issues, track votes and bills, and contact representatives directly. Once you follow an…