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if Ansel & Shai were GPS's

Shailene Woodley & Ansel Elgort *Left turn, left turn, left turn, etc.

Cake Version of The Fault In Our Stars

Cake - The Fault In Our Stars --- The last one was the best! If this is chocolate cake it could be 3 fandoms in one! Chocolate cake for divergent blue frosting for Percy and of course "Okay?" for TFIOS this has to be my birthday cake!

The Christian Grey rollercoaster..  that's one I'd like to ride over and over again!

The Christian Grey rollercoaster. that's one I'd like to ride over and over again *WINK*

That... was VERY MUCH... NOt OKaY!! Aksjdkdjdjdjdjdkdkejdjep jxydnckcif

That total "dad joke" was funny until the other comment. THAT was just NOT okay. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner :'(

This is absolutely beautiful and just wonderful. Truly awesome. Whoever wrote this needs to seriously consider becoming an author.

Yes, I know this is long. But its an awesome fanfic of the Sherlock characters as professors at Hogwarts!<-----omgomgomg I thought he was on the Hogwarts train before I even clicked on it!

okay... i'll just go cry now

No lie, I thought the book was going to end like An Imperial Affliction.

John green and hunger games

Hahaha accurate :'( <--- I wish I cried as pretty as Katniss at TFIOS. I Kim K cried all over that book lol>>>>John Green? Maybe John Green can be our always

So touching

She went to pet cats at her local animal shelter, and found her cat that had been missing for over a year. Those, my friends, are tears of pure happiness and joy! Edited from story