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Soldadera of the Mexican Revolution

Soldadera of the Mexican Revolution~ the Mexican Revolution was not fought by men alone. Many women took up arms and went to war as well. This was common in the rebel armies, especially among the soldiers fighting for Emiliano Zapata. These brave women were called "soldaderas" and had many duties besides fighting, including cooking meals and caring for the men while the armies were on the move. Sadly, the vital role of the soldaderas in the Revolution has often been overlooked.

Valentina Ramirez was the most famous of the "Adelitas" the women who took arms in the Mexican Revolution

This is my favourite photograph of Frida Kahlo, when I saw it in person, I stood there for about 15 minutes. She is my idol and inspiration. Te amo Friducha!

Soldiers leaving to fight in the war : photo taken during the Mexican revolution (1910-1920) #Train #Tren #Revolucion

All things Mexico.“La Adelita” came to be an archetype of a woman warrior in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. An Adelita was a soldadera, or woman soldier, who not only cooked and cared for the wounded but also actually fought in battles against Mexican government forces. In time the word adelita was used for all the soldaderas, who became a vital force in the revolutionary war efforts. The term La Adelita has since come to signify a woman of strength and courage.

This is La Adelita , the lady of the revolution. She was during Mexican revolution as the leader of women. Today, during the celebration women dress in similar suits in honor of Adelita . Like many other revelations people looked up to the Americans because the Americans were the first successful country to rebel and succeed.

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