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Herb spiral of stacked stones.

If you are not familiar with th ese, you are probably wondering, "What in the world is an herb spiral garden?" It is a type of her b garden that allows you to: Grow more plants in a smaller space. Grow herbs according to their needs and in varying soil.

A beautiful smooth lawn always looks perfect against a vertical-built rock garden. Great look!

Beautiful Lawn big Rocks and Perfect mix of Plants Ideal Backyard Garden . Great idea for substituting a retaining wall.

Stone edges and raised beds built with rocks, bricks or decorative concrete stones add charming accents to backyard landscaping and garden design. Stones bring gorgeous contrasts with blooming flowers, lush plants and shrubs into backyard designs. Stones are a wonderful, natural, green building mate

15 Charming Garden Design Ideas with Stone Edges and Raised Beds

[K] love the overall feel if this yard design, I think it matches with the vibe of our backyard-in-progress

Back garden casual patio. Why not add a pond? And the hardscape used is rather inexpensive!