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Kemal, Neutral Evil, Goddess of Decay, Disease and Undeath

kgthunder: Artist: Dave Devries - logangaiarpg

Demon Vi

Demon Vi


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Star Gate by LeonovichDmitriy on deviantART Concept for jump gate

Fantasy Manga Male | dark horror fantasy art gothic vampires sexy women men girl boy love ...

Lara finds lost memories everywhere, including those of former candidates for royalty, who gave up much of themselves to become insane shells of themselves. Can't say if this would be Malik with Lucy (the sea witch) or Guenevere (the Queen of Hearts)

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Paintings in the Gothic style by Victoria Frances, famous Spanish artist, depict young women suffering from love to obsession of vampires.

Tasha and her dead-on Tracer Cosplay:

Tasha and her dead-on Tracer Cosplay

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