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I'm I have a diploma in Art studies, I study for hairdresser and I'm working as a make up artist.----------------------------------------------------------------We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the...

Oystercatcher by Chris Rose The idea for this linocut evolved whilst painting a picture that featured sand ripples. I liked the challenge of paring down all the subtle tones and colours of the scene into simple black and white shapes. By the simple addition of the solid black reflection of the bird bisected by white-rimmed horizontals the impression of water is achieved. The curved lines of the sleeping oystercatcher contrasted nicely with the horizontals of the background. SOLD OUT

Wedding flowers - posy bouquet in ivory roses & black ribbon brides, bridesmaids

Posy Bouquet in Ivory Roses with Black Ribbon Posy measures approx inchs in diameter Posy bouquet measuring approx across has been made

Interview With Interior Designer Laura Hammett

Co-founder of Laura Hammett LTD talks to The LuxPad on how her team prepares for new projects, and how they ensure every property is a blend of the company's signature style & the owner's needs...

Late spring planting: Would love a big display of Alliums in May and June. Say Allium hollandicum and Allium nigrum in bold drifts. But can the bed cope?