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How to Start a Novel - First Lines, First Paragraphs

Teddy's house was burned down by Andrew Laeddis, with his wife Dolores in it, and that was a big part of his life because he loved Dolores a lot. Page 120-121

Lol teachers never let you wear your jacket in class. and then in summer you're not allowed to take your jumpers off

put this rage on a page to transmute it into understanding, action, compassion, empathy, acceptance, wisdom


Fumaça e fogo

Hephaestus would work underground and usually under volcanoes (the name volcanoes came from his Roman name, Vulcan) and when this smoke would erupt, it meant he was hard at work.

The funny thing is, that no matter where you are or what people are doing, they will always stop and do this :)

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Oh, sure, just lemme tell everyone of FB now...Okay! You can go ahead! Oh! You might wanna film this, then you could put it on YouTube, and I'll be, like, totally famous!

it's funny cuz the song's by the killers... which is what hunters are<<<< read my mind