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Para ti madre linda, bendícenos!

For WANDY and all animals killed today by human failure and malice - I´m so very sorry sweethearts - Rest in Peace

Nice light coming through the feathers Must try to paint this

A mute swan's wings lit up by the winter sun. Swan Wings in the Sun

Fantastic animal Halloween costume ideas

Look at this cat, he's a lion! I know, he's a lion cat. So, he's/she's/it's a lion cat.

lol, I think this a little extreme for my level of Crazy-Guinea Pig-Lady. I'm not quite there yet...

Best Guinea Pig Mom

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Do ALL Blue Footed Boobies dance?

the title does not lie XD These are dancing Blue-footed Boobies! Dancing Boobies D:

Depressed Baby Owl

Sad little owl…

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10 Real Life Dogs and Cats That Look Like Stuffed Animals [IMAGES]

This is called a Chinese snoopy cat breed.this is adorable i want to cuddle it.

...wait for it...

We are the sheep on the road for life. And look at how happy it makes us sheep!

8 toasts to give while drinking

8 toasts to give while drinking

Funny pictures about Favorite Toasts. Oh, and cool pics about Favorite Toasts. Also, Favorite Toasts photos.

Although it didn't start out that way, this ended up being one of my favorite stories of the year. It's awesome.

This is the most precious thing! I love seeing other pictures of families that have adopted/rescued baby squirrels. But I have a soft spot for squirrels, seeing that I too have rescued/adopted one.

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Solar eclipse in Japan.

Annular Solar Eclipse--the moon blocks most of the solar disk but leaves a ring of sun blazing around the moon's circumference. The full 'ring of fire' effect was visible in parts of eight states in the western U.