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The ancestry of the Roman alphabet from Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs) to Semetic (early Hebrew) to Phoenician to Greek. (J, U, and W were late additions to the Roman alphabet.) The Ancient Egyptian name for their own writing system was "Metu Neter" - meaning divine speech. "Hieroglyphs" is a Greek word - "hieros" means "sacred", "glyph" means writing.

Mental disorders - Exprime ton mal-être, ça ira mieux. Fibromyalgia, pain, faces, desperate, strong, intense, photo b/w

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Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits Of Homeless Individuals Show What Poverty Really Looks Like

Photo Brittany. by Lee Jeffries. The face of pain, hurt, powerful expression, intense face, portrait, photo b/w.

Age, old man, powerful face, beard, glasses, beauty, wrinckles, lines of Life, wisdom, expression, portrait, photo b/w

Old woman, lady, female, priceless expression, expressive, powerful, intense, lines of Life, wrinckles, aged, portrait, photo b/w.

Mikus Lasmanis by Errikos Andreou | Homotography

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40 Captivating Photos That Depict Human Emotion

Anger, angry face, wild, intense, powerful expression, emotional, eyes, portrait, photo b/w.

Body Canvas, powerful expression, intense face, emotional, wild, sweatty, anger? portrait, photo b/w.

"That had not been a healthy sounding scream." Expression, hand, fear, powerful, intense, portrait, photo b/w.