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pin: @thewhitelies // We should get moving, I wanna get you screaming before the neighbors come home. *faints* // sebastian stan gif the winter soldier

Unrelated but when I first glanced at this I thought the line under his eye was a monocle.

"I saw this, this thing I don't know what it was I... I swear I'm not crazy, James." Bee was frantic. He knew how scared she was, knew she didn't lie. But most of all, he knew she wasn't crazy. He'd seen it too. He thought he was tired, a figment of his imagination. But he believed her. He was just as scared as she was. She knew he'd seen it too when she looked in his eyes, saw the same fear she felt.

This chronicles the Marvel fandom's growing obsession with Bucky

"She didn't even scream when they caught her, she just called for your name, & you weren't there. You abandoned her." This woman was evil itself. She loved seeing them both in pain. James said nothing, did, nothing. He pursed his lips, swallowed in anger, but on her last words was when he snapped. "& guess what," she leaned in closer "you are never, going to see her again." & with that, she walked away, leaving James to furrow his brow in pain, in sadness, in regret. But mostly, realisation.

I love Hatter, but my favorite was Graham, sorry. But at least Hatter has the possibility of returning, Graham is a little too dead to come back.

The Proposal - The_Nerd_Alert - Captain America (Movies), The Proposal (2009) [Archive of Our Own]

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