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My Dog Wanted Play On The Beach, But Then He Stole My Wakeboard And Did THIS!

Cilantro Pesto Sauce


Most of these are funny, and some are just sweet! Some of them are just funny AND sweet! I want the giant white fluffy dog!

One of my favorite things to wake up and see

One of my favorite things to wake up and see

How to guarantee a home for life:  1. Spot tiny human  2. Make introduction  3. Slobber all over said human so nobody else can claim it.  4. Stand watch over little human so no animal or human dare approach.  5. Swear eternal devotion. I <3 THIS!!!!

23 Reasons Why It's Delightful Being A Baby

See baby. See giant puppy. See giant puppy see baby. See giant puppy hug baby. See giant puppy cradle baby. Giant puppy and baby are friends.

Awee this is so sweet! Make sure to turn up the volume when watching the video :-) #dogs #puppies

Vet Comforts Dog After Surgery By Rocking Her Like A Baby

I can't imagine what it's like for an animal to go through surgery, which is why this vet comforts dog after surgery video is so touching.

:)  Boston smile  ... brought to you in part by StoneArtUSA.com ~ custom pet memorials since 2001

Such a happy Frenchie! you can't help but smile at his happy face!

Playful Pit Bull steals baseball gloves during softball game (VIDEO)

Playful Pit Bull steals baseball gloves during softball game (VIDEO)

What kind of dog do you have or would want to own?

38 benefits of owning a dog

Infographic on the benefits of owning a dog. They didn't mention couch cuddles, which I think are the best benefit.

So your dog just loves drinking out of the toilet bowl, eh?

Toilet Water Bowl My dogs need this so they will stop drinking out of the big toilets!

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“A newborn baby abandoned in a Kenyan forest was saved by a stray dog who carried her across a busy road and under a barbed wire fence to a shed where the infant was discovered nestled with a litter of puppies.” CBS News covered this story

JS and Charley-small

The Pet Travel Book Club Kicks Off with Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley

dog rules: SO TRUE!

Dog Rules

10 Dog Rules In The House haha so true! My dogs pretty much rule our house :oP