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Nico di Angelo x Hazel Levesque - Children of Death Modern-day Christmas AU / art by Minuiko // Half Bloods siblings for the

Commission made for jflashandclash, this is Ajax Pax shifting into Nico from Jak’s fanfiction, go check it out! COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN *commissions info* | art by go-spaghettininja

Kronos's former spy master, Ajax Pax, using his demigod powers to turn into Nico Di Angelo for an infiltration mission.

Love this one

Mythomagic is a Demigod-owned company that loves Nico back. <--- hehe Nico gets his own Mythomagic card XD he's so happy I'm so happy for him 😂❤️

CONTAIN YOURSELF, TUMBLR. (OMG for the people who haven't read the book... YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH HE HAS CHANGED IN HOUSE OF HADES!! *weeps*) @Casey Weinberg

Nico Di Angelo the Ghost King Corn Plant Master Omg you guys Nico changed SO MUCH in this book >>>> and the n Frank is just standing their with this confused/disgusted/troll face on

why am I not this creative to create such

Love this little doodle of Nico trapped in his jar. I just want to hug him for all he has been through. I want a Nico in a jar

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Hades finding Thanos<<<< This isn't really Percy Jackson but I'm pinning it to this board anyways<<<am i the only one who noticed the Tarzan parallel?

autumn equinox '14 by emedeme

Specially lots of Hades and Persephone, and other domestic Underworld goodness.<<awww, I ship them! (Really, they're the only healthy couple in the pantheon)

We love Nico girls only club

Happy Nico with his sisters. I drew ghost bianca cause i do what i want; don't question my genius