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That moment when you find out that Joker and Robin went to school together, Captain America and Black Widow dated, she, Alfred and Wolverine were friends, and Wolverine fought Batman.

Teehee ... Avengers afterschool special

The Avengers Club…

Funny pictures about The Avengers Club. Oh, and cool pics about The Avengers Club. Also, The Avengers Club.

Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White, and Peter the Pink! From @aintitcoolnews - #lotr #oneringtorulethemall

directing the wizards. - (peter jackson)(christopher lee)(ian mckellen)(lord of the wings)(gandalf)(saruman)

Guys, I've got this one. No, I've got this. Och mon, I've got this. You're all wrong, I've got this. No, I've got this, blondie. No, I've got this. No, I have got this. Bitches, please. I've got this, that & four other things.

Always leave it to the guy that can speak in an English accent. My favorite! Robin Hood: Men In Tights!

What about cotton-headed ninny muggins? I'm fairly certain that's also from Harry Potter

Harry potter Doctor Who Divergent Hunger Games Percy Jackson Sherlock Star Wars Lord of the Rings

which are you?

Every villain has a reason. Then there's the Joker. Every super hero movie fan knows these are the facts even though they are villains that doesn't mean they're any less important!

Had to think for a Moment. Who is Bob? Until... ROBERT DOWNEY JR

Funny pictures about Captain Sparrow vs. Oh, and cool pics about Captain Sparrow vs. Also, Captain Sparrow vs.

Oh god this made me laugh like crazy:

I was a little creeped- until I realized that the last on is Mister Hiddelstone twice. That cancelled out all the creepy. (smosh interview with Tom Hiddleston)