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Зутнер, Берта фон - это... Что такое Зутнер, Берта фон?

American Ace Rickenbacker: US top ace, Eddie Rickenbacker, with 26 victories. He survived the war. #WWI #history #airplane

Lothar von Richthofen, the younger brother of "The Red Baron" Manfred von Richthofen drawn from an article by Don Hollway

Julius Buckler (1894-03-28 - 1960-05-23) was a German First World War fighter ace with 36 shot down planes.

Max Immelmann (1890 – 1916) was the first German WW1 flying ace. He was a great pioneer in fighter aviation He was the first aviator to win the Pour le Merite. His name has become attached to a common flying tactic, the Immelmann turn, and remains a byword in aviation. He is credited with 15 aerial victories. Immelman was shot down in 1916 by a British fighter piloted by Second Lieutenant G.R. McCubbin with Corporal J. H. Waller as the gunner/observer.