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Nice introductory activity that lets me know if my students know their addresses and phone numbers

A good activity to get to know yourself and the classmates around you, a ten page booklet filled with facts about yourself. Also shows how they see themselves when they draw their face. Kindergarten, first grade, second grade

An About Me page is the top most visited page on your blog. It's your chance to briefly tell your story. Learn how to make a fab About Me page now!

Me Page: How to Perfect Your About Me Page For Your Blog

Guess which page of your blog will ~90% of your visitors visit when they first stumble on your site?  No prizes for this one.. it's the about me page.  Hence, learning how to write an amazing about me page is very important.  Here's how to write a perfect about me page. #blog #aboutme

How to Write The Perfect About Me Page (Printable Template Included!)

I love doing about me bags. I had to do one for speech in high school. Students take a brown paper bag and fill it with objects that go along with facts about themselves. I would also have the students decorate the outside and then present it to the teacher and the rest of their classmates. This is great for the first week of school.

All about me bag - Each child fills the bag with 4 things about them and brings it into school. They can decorate the bag too. I did this with my own items as a first day of school ice breaker. Maybe get large paper sacks from the grocery

Background Artwork: René Gruau, 1964  Whether it’s for a social media profile, a professional site, or a cooking  blog, when it comes to writing the dreaded About Me blurb there are a few  key things to keep in mind before you publish. Follow these 5 easy-ish  guidelines, and that About Me bio of yours will be as catchy as they come.   1. Consider your audience  To start with, consider the purpose of your account. Who are you speaking  to? Why do you have the site or account in the first ...

Writer's Workshop: 5 Steps To Writing The Perfect “About Me” Bio

How to Write an Epic About Me Page: Your about me page is one of the most important pages on your blog. Not only is it one of the most popular pages, it’s also the page that will make your audience fall in love with you. If you’re writing your about me page for the first time, or want to spruce it up, make sure it’s an epic one. This article is for you if you're a blogger, freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner! Click the link to find out how.

How to Write an Epic About Me Page for Your Blog

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An Absolutely Adorable All About Me Activity, Family Keepsakes, Free Printables, Handprints, Footprints, fun activities for kids, Great Preschool Theme, ECE

The Best All About Me Activity Theme for Preschool & Kindergarten

9 Key Components to a Compelling About Me Page #blogging #aboutme

How to Write a Compelling About Me Page

Nine Important Components to a Compelling About Me Page are shared on the brilliant business moms podcast. Your about me page is your first impression.

All About Me Pennant - topics can be modified to better suit secondary students. "My Favorites" could be changed to book, quote, college, etc.

All About Me Pennant

All About Me Pennant- PLEASE forget about doing this for the Start-of-the-Year bulletin board! But if I remember, what info might I put on the pennant for each kid. have each teacher make one?

FREE All About me printable. Just in time for back-to school. {Faith Based}

All About Me FREE Printable {Faith Based}

All About Me Free Printable. It& faith based and full of great questions to document for your year. Perfect for homeschool or Christian school teachers!

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